Collaboration tools and techniques are used to create opportunities for connected learning.Connected Learning is when students connect their interests and learning to academic achievement and civic engagement through digital and networked media.

connected learning

The modules in this area provide guidelines on effectively implementing a number of networked tools into learning environments.

Visit the Connected Learning Research group for specific information on the educational benefits of implementing connected learning techniques into learning environments.

PLNThis module explores several ideas and associated Web 2.0 tools that can be used to build and/or extend Personal Learning Networks.

Discussion forums can serve as a learning tool that fosters in-depth, academic discussion, an arena in which students work collaboratively or conduct peer analysis, or simply a place where they can virtually communicate with each other. This module provides guidelines for creating engaging discussion questions for online and classroom based learning events.

blogA Blog Tool is a tool which provides an online forum, diary, or journal.  An entire class or selected individuals can access, add new entries and comments, if these settings are enabled by the instructor. This module provides guidelines on the effective use of blogs in learning environments.

wikiA Wiki can be thought of as a combination of a Web site and a Word document. At its simplest, it can be read just like any other web site, with no access privileges necessary, but its real power lies in the fact that groups can collaboratively work on the content of the site using nothing but a standard web browser. This module provides guidelines for implementing and assessing wikis in learning environments.