The Content Development workshop provides extensive information about the pedagogy for designing instructional units as well as designing content for presentation online.

knowledgeThis course stresses the use of instructional systems design in the analysis, design, application and development of distance education. It is oriented toward the practice and practical considerations of online learning and curriculum design. During our time together we will look at the unique aspects of self-directed learning learning centered teaching practices, online community building, and virtual classroom management practices.

During this virtual course, you will work closely with an instructional designer and your peers to enhance one of your current courses, or to create a new course for the online environment.
knowledgeMany corporations and gamers today use a virtual world as the backdrop environment for interviewing, selling products, and game/role playing. Educators are modifying instances of these environments to provide an educational experience within these virtual worlds.

This module explores the use of virtual worlds for educational purposes.